Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Living Flower

I am one who believes in giving flowers while someone is living. I have officiated many funerals and too often have shared things about individuals at funerals that I should have shared while they were living.

My wife is truly an incredible woman and I want the world to know of her virtue while she lives - she is an example to all and a testimony to her Lord. Thus, I share with the world the incredible woman who is my wife. There is not enough time nor words to express all she is, so I will try and be concise.

Perhaps there is no greater pain in the life of a mother than the loss of a child. And when we lost Jace Matthew in her womb she was the supreme example of faith and trust. While I struggled and still have dark times, she, through her tears and pain, taught me faith. She held on to Jesus and His Word with a tenacity that pit-bulls would admire. She not only had faith for herself but she gave faith to her husband.

I love my wife very much: I love both who she is and what she does.

I love what she does
As mother and as wife
I love how she offers
To others of her life
I love the gifts given
And the sacrifices made
I love her devotion
That never seems to fade

I love who she is
her heart and her soul
I love every part
That makes up the whole

I love her but I also admire her. Take the word of a man who lives with her, if ever there was a woman who is an example of Christian character, my wife is she.

Well, hopefully everyone who reads this will have another HERO in this Shadowland. And another example of Christian virtue, a testimony not shared at her funeral but told so others may see a living flower now.


selahV said...

What a beautiful testimonial to your wife. I give my testimonials all the time about my hubby. And I am so blessed with so many wonderful people in my life, from my daughter to my grandchildren. And I have dear dear friends who know exactly how I feel about them, too. But thanks for reminding me. I will tell them again. selahV

brad reynolds said...

We are both very blessed:):):)