Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Hulk or Batman?

The Hulk or Batman? Which superhero describes you when it comes to the environment? The Hulk is Big and Green. Batman has all sorts of gas-guzzling vehicles, which makes his responsibilities easier to accomplish. In the past 6 months Fox News has carried quite a few articles on global warming. Two that I found interesting are here and here. Both imply that global warming is not taking place to the degree some claim. Further, this article here implies even if it is, it is not the result of man’s actions.

Now before I am stoned with GREEN tomatoes let me be clear. I believe man has a God-given responsibility to care for our Creator’s creation. However, I do not believe the solution is to be found in the philosophy of Big and Green. In other words, I do not believe the government implementing policy on the environment is going to do much, other than expand government (BIG) in the name of GREEN. I am not much on expanding government.

EPA regulations seem to cost more than they are worth, and honestly I have been taxed enough. This past week our President mandated more governmental regulations on automobiles. Now our vehicles will cost more as government grows. The Hulk is getting bigger. And the sad part: the HULK usually left a mess in the name of Green.

I guess you could say I am more of a Batman when it comes to the environment. While Batman never littered he also didn’t let “global-warming hysteria” limit him in fulfilling his responsibilities.

Which superhero are you?


volfan007 said...

Hulk was not a radical environmentalist. He was just a big, strong, green man. I always liked the Hulk. I also liked Batman. I cant choose between these two.



brad reynolds said...

I agree - Actually Spiderman was my fav:)

Tim Rogers said...

I wonder how many rivers were polluted when they would wash that green stuff off of Lou Farigno (sp)?


Oh, I have got to stop watching Fox News and CNN. When I watch Fox, I get angry that we are being taxed to death and nothing is coming from it. When I watch CNN I get angry about being told taxes are not really taxes because if the government cannot operate off of what you pay then they will just print more money.


brad reynolds said...

I love it. And I don't watch CNN anymore - my blood pressure starts soaring everytime:)