Saturday, July 01, 2006

Brad WHO?

I feel it is only courteous to let those who read this, know who I am.

I accepted the Lordship of Christ in my life at the age of 7 and by faith accepted His free gift of salvation given to all who believe. Cognizant of 1) my sin and sin nature, 2) my sentence to an eternity in hell because of my sin, and 3) Christ’s love exhibited by paying that penalty for me, I repented and trusted my life into His hands.

My passion is to see lost souls saved…which will be tomorrow’s post.

As a youth my parents divorced. I became rebellious and angry at the world. I turned to athletics instead of God for solace. As a sophomore, headed to a regional track meet, I was involved in a head-on collision. I don’t remember much, other than asking the driver of the truck that hit my Chevette if he was a Christian and if he would pray. Later, I found out the rescue squad had performed CPR on me and called me in as DOA. I assume I went into cardiac arrest from shock. My dreams of football fame during my junior year were dashed and yet as broken as my body was, my spirit was more.

While not a mystic at all, I felt God’s voice clearly revealing He could take me home at anytime and my life on earth was to be for His glory, not mine. It was at this time that I accepted His call to ministry from which I had long been running.

I ran again from God my first year out of High School. But, after that year at Austin College playing football and running track, God’s Holy Spirit prompted my total obedience. I then made the difficult choice to give up my passion for football and to pursue God’s call, transferring to The Criswell College. My relationships/friendships from Criswell help sustain me to this day.

Upon graduation I resigned my position as Children’s Pastor at FBC Tom Bean and followed God’s leading to Southeastern Seminary. While at Southeastern I served as Assoc/Pastor and Youth Pastor at Waverly Baptist Church. After graduating from Southeastern I went to the College of William and Mary for my PhD. My experiences at William and Mary were nothing short of amazing. Two PhD students accepting Christ while I was there and I enjoyed good relationships with professors who were far more to the left than I. During my time at William and Mary, my very close friend and pastor resigned and headed for Florida. The church called me as their pastor. Upon completing my PhD Dr. Patterson invited me to join him at Southeastern. I accepted his invitation and not long after took the position of pastor at Gravel Hill Baptist Church.

While at Waverly I met my life-mate and helpmate. An amazing woman whose humility, servant-hood and godly spirit is a constant challenge to me. Her gracious qualities were evident even while we were dating. I recall her astonishing faith in God when she lost her 42-year-old father, who died from cirrhosis of the liver (acquired from alcohol consumption). We live in Youngsville, NC with our two shepherds, two cats, and our EXPECTED CHILD:)

My father is a very wise man, whose simple country logic confounds brilliant men. My mom’s influential faith still inspires my brothers and me. The amazing way God answered her prayers for provision as she raised us boys on a minimal income is still vivid in my mind. Both of my brothers are men who love God with all their hearts and love their families dearly. My older brother is a residential appraiser and teaches real estate at Texas A&M University at Commerce. My younger brother is a hospital administrator in South Carolina. I am close to my stepsisters and all my nephews and nieces (17), as well as my wife’s family, which I consider my own.

My sister-in-law and two of her children were in a serious car-accident this week. They are recovering, but my little 8-year-old nephew Alex may lose the use of his thumb, However, God’s providence and love was evident this week. Please pray God’s will for Alex.

I will be visiting my brothers over the holiday. When I get back we will begin to tackle the alcohol issue thoroughly.


sbc pastor said...


Thanks for posting a little about yourself. I found that we truly have a few things in common. I too had never even read a blog until just 2 months ago and just started blogging a week or so ago. My reasons for doing so were somewhat similar to yours as well: 1) I believe that my generation (I'm 29 years old) as a whole is being misrepresented by some who are thought to be speaking for younger pastors in the SBC, and 2) it appears to me that the vast majority of the blogs that I have read are in large part only representative of a very small group within the SBC.

Congratulations to both you and your wife! I'm sure that you two are thrilled to death. My wife and I have 2 little girls and a brand new baby boy (2 months).

I also appreciate your commitment to teaching, pastoring, and working to restore educational freedom in our public schools. May God bless you with both the time and wisdom to write that which He has placed upon your heart. By the way, what type of PhD did you get from William & Mary?

Please know that I will be praying for Alex, and I hope that he regains use of his thumb.

In Christ,

brad reynolds said...


You have been so encouraging to me this Lord's day. May He bless you as you have blessed me.

Thanks for your prayers.

I did a PhD in K-12 education at W&M with emphasis in education policy, planning and leadership. My dissertation was on the current status of the creation/evolution debate in public schools.

Thanks for asking

Cliff4JC said...

Dr. Reynolds,

Thanks for the testimony! It was awesome to learn more about your miraculous story of God's sovereign grace in your life! (LOL I'm just kidding!) I am praying for little Alex. I have an 8 year old as well. I'm looking forward to having my buddy who thinks you are a troll read it! Remember him?

SBC Pastor: Just out of curiosity; who is claiming to speak for younger pastors? I'm 36. Do I still count as a younger leader? :)


brad reynolds said...


Good to hear from you. I sent you an e-mail. But again it was's maybe me server.


centuri0n said...

Brad --

Welcome to the party.